Please note that the following guidelines have been put in place for your safety and will be adhered to by all that attend in-person services at The Waters. 

1. Physical distancing guidelines will be followed. You will be compassionately instructed by our ushers and greeters to maintain six feet of distance from one another. 

2. Your ushers and greeters will greet you wearing masks and gloves. 

3. Masks are required as you exit your car and enter the facility and anytime you are moving about. Masks are not required once you are seated. However, masks are recommended, but not required, while you are singing during worship. If you forget your mask, we have a limited supply available. 

4. Upon arrival, an usher will take your temperature (a temperature of 100.4 or higher is considered a fever) and ask you the following questions:

a. Have you been diagnosed within the last three weeks as having COVID 19? 

b. Have you come in contact in the last three weeks with anyone having COVID 19? 

c. Are you currently experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms? 

If you have a fever and/or answer YES to any of these questions, you will kindly be asked to leave and not permitted to enter the church facility so as to protect the rest of the congregation. We ask that anyone that is not feeling well and experiencing ANY cold or flu-like symptoms that you self-regulate and stay home until you are completely well. 

5. An usher will guide you to your seat following physical distancing guidelines. Family groups (those that live in the same household) may sit together while maintaining distance from others. For the first few weeks, you will be seated in the sanctuary front to back so as to avoid walking past other people. Please note that you will most likely not be sitting in your regular pew. Please make our ushers’ job easier by not asking them if you can sit in your favorite spot. 

6. After the service you will be dismissed from back to front to avoid being in close proximity to one another. 

7. There will be no printed bulletins handed out for the near future. 

8. Please bring your own Bible as all pew Bibles and other written materials will be removed and unavailable for the near future. 

9. There will be no collection plates passed during the service, but an usher will be available as you leave service to collect your tithe. The ushers will also have giving envelopes available upon request. 

10. The only areas of the church facility that will be open for the near future are the parking lot, lobby, sanctuary and the north men’s and women’s restrooms. All other areas of the church facility and campus will remain off-limits until further notice. 

11. All congregants will enter through the lobby door. No other doors throughout the facility will be unlocked. 

12. Please refrain from hugging, kissing, shaking of hands and any other form of physical contact (including fist and/or elbow bumps). 

13. Please refrain from gathering in the lobby to talk. You may socialize in the parking lot but only as you maintain six feet of distance and for a short period of time. If you are seen not complying with this guideline, our ushers will compassionately remind you. 

14. Our restrooms will be open, but we highly recommend that you use them only for emergencies. Please do your best to take care of this need before you arrive at church. 

15. The restrooms will be monitored before, during and after service and only two people at a time will be allowed in the restroom. Please remember to wash your hands before exiting the restrooms. For your further safety, we have installed touchless soap dispensers in the restrooms. All restroom doors will remain propped open so as to minimize the touching of surfaces. 

16. Hand sanitizer is available for your use upon entering the church facility, and is also available at the Welcome Center and in each of the restrooms. 

17. The church facility will be opened and ready for your arrival beginning at 9:30 a.m. Please be sure to arrive early. The lobby doors will be closed at 10:10 a.m. so as to minimize the disruption to our ushers. PLEASE BE ON TIME or you may not get into service. 

18. If needed, bring your own water bottle, as the water dispenser will be off limits for the near future. 

19. Please note that there will not be Children’s ministry for the foreseeable future. However, please bring your children to church as they are very welcome to attend and we will have coloring books and crayons for them to use each week. Children’s ministry will continue to be available via Zoom each Sunday at 11:30 a.m. 

20. If you are over the age of 65 or have underlying health conditions, please consider continuing to watch our service online. This decision is entirely up to you, but please know that if you are elderly and/or high risk, we want you to be safe and well. 

21. Until further notice there will be no TLC. All members are encouraged to leave the campus once the service is over.